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Pavement Preventive Maintenance

Crackk Repair

Asphalt, SBS, Natural Rubber and Silica are added, forming asphalt which is manufactured in adding of oil to give flexibility according to change of atmosphere temperature, it is construction method to maximize adhesion ability using untraviolet ray heating equipment that thermal efficiency can be maximized.

Characteristic of Crack Repair
Crack Occurance Reason
Asphalt pavement is composed with road upper layer, basic floor, surface layer. Because this design has a little change according to geographical features, structure, weather, traffic volume, deterioration begins by oxidation process of asphalt substance right after construction.
According to this, asphalt substance disappears and aggregate leaves only, pavement itself is easy to be breakdown. elastic power decreases according to load and temperature change by traffic volume, and then crack is proceeded.
In case that crack portion of asphalt pavement is left undone, moisture percolates into crack portion, if the moisture stacks on basic floor and surface layer, it generates speed of asphalt oxidation rapidly and promotes deteriation.
This phenomenon decreases strength of asphalt pavement as well, brings partial sinkage of road upper layer, when it takes load such as vehicle driving, it maximizes crack and crush of pavement layer, because the staying moisture at cract portion freeze and expands in winter time, crack portion is rapidly enlarged, detachment occurs at the portion of basic floor and surface layer, in worst case, it can be the cause of road collapse.
Crack Types
  • Crack by temperature change (Temperature Shrinkage Crack)

    Asphalt pavement road occurs contraction by volumetric decrease from evaporation, condensation, outflow of oil substance and oxidation and then crack is proceeded. In case of teperature drop and asphalt hardning, asphlat plane pressure generates crack in longitudinal and transverse, transverse crack begins first in case of wide road. Logitudinal crack is in-line crack, it is occurred that horizontal pressure can not spread uniformly, this logitudinal crack is occured at the joint portion of pavement construction.
  • Crack by pavement's fatigue (Fatige Crack)

    Crack is occured by vertical pressure and basic floor change according to vehicle driving. Crack according to fatigue appears in shape of block generally. This cause results from aspjalt sustance of surface layer and weak ground of road upper layer, basic floor. Also, it is called edge crack to be occured phenomenon according to fatigue of road pavement.
  • Reflective Crack

    When it is overlay pavement on convetion pavement road without repair of crack, crack is occurred on overlay layer by shear force from wheel load of pavement layer upper portion. It occurs interactional crack or reflection crack on ovelay pavement.
Crack Repair Construction Cases
  • Airport Runway - Before Construction

  • Park Lot - Before Construction

  • Local Road - Before Construction

  • Airport Runway - After Construction

  • Park Lot - After Construction

  • Local Road - After Construction

Road Shoulder Masonry Joint Filling

It is construction method to fill elastic seal material at facing portion between concrete pavement main road and road shoulder masonry joint, prevent ground sinkage, prevent image degrade by weed growth, protect safety of driver.

Road Shoulder Masonry Joint Filling Characteristics
Elastic Seal Material Performance for Pavement
Items Criteria Result Judgement Test method
Cone Penetration (25℃) Under 90 56.4 OK ASTM D 5329
Elasticity Recovery Rate(25℃)
(Original State Recovery Rate)
Over 60 62.5 OK
Flow Degree(60℃)
(Flow Anility)
Under 3.0 1.49 OK
Asphalt Suitability(60℃)
(Asphalt Compatible)
All serene All serene OK
Adhesivity(-29℃, 50%) All serene All serene OK
Softning Point(℃) Over 80℃ 90.5 OK ASTM D 36
Road Shoulder Masonry Joint Filling Construction Cases
  • Before Construction

  • Before Construction

  • Before Construction

  • After Construction

  • After Construction

  • After Construction

PPM Construction Method (Preventive Maintenance)

Preventive maintenance is a way to maintain conventional road economically, it's a construction method to prevent performance deteriation preserving public usage of roas before deteriation of conventional function due to severe breakdown of convetional road.

Preventive Maintenance Charateristic
General Repair (Conventional Structural Repair) VS Preventive Maintenance

  • General Repair (Conventional Structural Repair)
    • [Purpose] Pqvement breakdown or breakdown area repair

    Preventive Maintenance
    • [Purpose] Preserve pavement and decrease quality deteriation of pavement

      Prior to the occurrence of severe damage to public roads, Prevent damage of pavement with application of low price pre-maintenance repair method, enhance public usage life and maintain a high level of commonality.
Preventive maintenance construction cases
  • Construction Completion