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Bridge-decks Pavement Surface Waterproof


Road Film Complex Type Bridge-decks Pavement Surface Waterproof

Conctruction Method Overview
It is complex type waterproof construction method to form waterproof layer with coating of road film waterproof material which is manufactured with high molecular forming asphalt and melted using heated melting method, and to install aramid grid which is protecting material for waterproof layer. It has excellent suppression ability for crack and is a new construction mathod of bridge waterproof to enhance durability of pavement
Construction Method Characteristic
Problem of Conventional Bridge-decks Surface Waterproof

When rain water is percolated into crack of concrete upper plate. crack is expanded gradually by freezing expansion, it generates corrossion of steel bar ans cracl of concrete.

  • Separation of Slab & Waterproof Layer

  • Stay Water Deterioration

  • Whitening Phenomenon

  • Slab Punching Phenomenon

  • Floor deterioration

  • Slip & Pot-Hole

Complementary Conuntermeasure of CoOnventional Bridge-Decks Wafterproof
1. Roal Film Waterproof Material

When it is melted high molecular forming asphalt waterproof material and coated on slab, it has excellent waterproof ability and slip phenomenon is not occurred.

  • Roal Film Waterproof Material Coating [New Installation]

  • Roal Film Waterproof Material Coatinf [Repair]

  • Coating Completion [New Installation]

  • Coating Completion [Repair]

2. Aramid Grid

Aramid Grid which is waterproof layer protction materila is the product that impregnates asphalt, it has adhesive ability with pavement layer and excellent crack suppression ability and longterm public usage securement.

  • Aramid Grid Installation [New Installation]

  • Aramid Grid Installation [Repair]

  • Installation Completion [New Installation]

  • Installation Completion [Repair]