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Pavement Joint


Pavement Joint [Underpass Jointless Construction Method]

Construction Method Overview
It has effect to absorb contraction and expansion of concrete structure with installation Arimid Grid after road film waterproof material on the upper section of concrete structure which is located in the lower section of ascon pavement layer for underpass and bridge, and is the new concept of pavement joint method which is not necessary to install expansion joint device at ascon pavement layer.
Construction Method Characteristic
Problem of conventional underpass driving surface expansion joint

The melted snow by potassium chloride which was sprayed for snow-removing work percolates into pavement layer through pore on ascon pavement layer. At this time, percolating water stays one point according to slope of concrete Slab upport portion, and stayng water generates black ice with freezing on pavement layer.

※ What is Black Ice?

When invisible thin layer due to raining or snowing on road in winter covers on road, it is called black ice because black ashalt looks transparent. It occurs mainly often at shady road, spur of mountain, beach road and underpass.

Complemetary Countermeasure of conventional underpass driving surface expansion joint

If it is installed Slab drain pipe on the upper section of concrete Slab and induced drain with installation of Slab drain (pore pipe) after coating of primer and road film waterprrof material, It prevents black ice anf alkali reaction of concrete Slab upper portion by calcium chloride.

  • Drain Pipe Installation

  • Primer Coatinfg

  • Installation Slab Drain after coating of Road Film Waterproof Material

  • Installation of Aramid Grid